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About Bathroom Mould

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About Bathroom Mould

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Bathroom mould is one of the most common problems we get enquiries about. The reason why your bathroom tends to grow mould is because it is the perfect haven with the best conditions for mould to develop.

Why is my bathroom the best place to grow mould

  • The bathroom is considered a steam room which is very high moisture on the surfaces
  • The temperature is also warm to hot which mould loves
  • Bathrooms do not have great airflow or ventilation to reduce the humidity and condensation on the surfaces
  • What things can be done to reduce mould growth in my bathroom
  • Open all windows in the bathroom while showing
  • Install a humidistat sensor exhaust fan that will automatically turn on when humidity levels reach a set limit. This exhaust fan can also be set to run on for an extended period of time to keep removing steam and high temperatures to help prevent further mould growth
  • Try to reduce the temperature of the water when showering to reduce steam
  • Wipe off all condensation after each use of the shower

Mould Pro also get many calls regarding mould in the shower recess in the grout between the tiles. Unfortunately, the only way to rectify this properly is to remove the mould affected grout or silicone as the grout and silicone is a porous material and it can’t be remediated.

Other mould issues we come across in bathrooms is due to water leaks in the wall cavity behind the shower or waterproofing failure. These can cause very serious damage which means the bathroom or sections of it are required to be pulled apart to allow mould remediation and possible structural drying. This can be very costly to fix. Luckily Mould Pro is a qualified building contractor also so we can assist with the reconstruction process.

If you have a mould problem in your bathroom then please call Mould Pro immediately so we can assist you to make your bathroom mould free again.

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