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Air Conditioner Cleaning Services

Air Conditioner Cleaning Services

Due to more and more people using their Air Conditioning units it is very important to keep them clean and free of mould growth. These systems are a haven for dust, mould and other contaminants that become airborne. As professional mould remediators the first place we inspect is your split system air con unit inside you house. 9 times out 10 we find the mould contamination developed in your home is due to your air conditioning split system that is simply blowing out spores throughout your property.

There are a number of reasons why you should have your air cons cleaned on a regular basis.:

  • Air conditioning split systems are great at cooling cooling down your house or room but it is also providing a moisture source for mould growth which is not great.
  • Most people have split systems in their bedroom where you spend a considerable amount of time in your life sleeping and therefore the air quality should be at its best. A lot of people tell us they wake up with sinus issues and various other side effects of mould contaminatio
  • If you keep your air con units clean then this will also ensure the system is running most efficiently.

We have a standard procedure that we use to ensure your air con split system is clean and also the air quality in your home.


  • First we will open up your system to provide access to the coil that is generally where you will see a lot of mould and dust build up.
  • We set up the cleaning bag around the unit to capture any moisture or cleaning solution to prevent any spills.
  • It is important to cover the motor to prevent any moisture entering this area due to there being electricity present or we may even turn your electricity off during the clean to ensure our technicians safety.
  • Apply a coil cleaning detergent to breakdown any surface grime etc.
  • Flush clean water through the coil with a low pressure cleaner.
  • Apply an anti-microbial solution to the coil and throughout the head unit. This will ensure all microbial growth has been killed.
  • Flush clean water through the coil and head unit to remove any final residue.
  • Apply a deodorising agent to provide a nice odour after treatment
  • Clean the filters with clean water to remove all dust and mould growth.
  • Close up the unit and leave clean and ready for use.

We also offer a couple other options which are outlined below :


Our Gold cleaning service will include everything in the standard clean procedure however you also have the option of adding in treatment of the airborne contaminants that your split system has spread throughout your house. This procedure is very important because even though you may have you split system clean, you also want to ensure the air you also breathe is clean.

This includes the below:

  • Setting up commercial air scrubbers with HEPA filters to capture all airborne contaminants and ensure all spores are being removed to prevent any people getting sick from breathing in mould spores and dust.
  • Conduct an airborne fogging treatment to kill all airborne contaminants. The air scrubbers will be sucking up all contaminants.

Our platinum cleaning service consists of both Standard & Gold service with the added services of remediation of all the surfaces within your room or home due to the airborne contaminants travelling around your home. This airborne contaminants will settle on you walls and contents and will keep developing in the right environment so it’s important to keep your home free of and dust or mould to prevent allergies and other health effects.


Should you wish to test the air quality in your home you can ask us for a quote. We can sample your home and send the samples off to our lab for analysis. It will generally take 3-5 days to get the analytical report back.

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