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Can I paint over mould?

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Can I paint over mould?

Can I paint over mould?

If you have a mould issue on the walls of your home, whether it be internal or external it can look unsightly.

Mould happens to grow and multiply very fast so if your walls are damp with excess moisture, they may quickly become covered in it. You may be looking for a quick fix and thinking “can I just paint over mould?

Painting over mould is quite a common method to disguise it. But the problem is – you are only hiding the issue temporarily. Some people choose to paint over mould in to order to hide the awful stains that appear on their walls. Unfortunately the people that do this have no idea of the health implications of mould in the home. Sadly it is common that homeowners, landlords and even property managers often paint over mould because it is a quicker and cheaper way to hide the problem. But the thing is, it doesn’t solve the problem. It doesn’t kill the mould, and will only hide it until it breaks through the paint surface again.

What are the signs of painted over mould?

If you suspect your walls may have mould under the paint, you may be able to smell a stale musty smell and you could see visible signs in the affected areas. You may notice that the paint is bubbled, cracked or chipped. You may notice slightly darker patches in the paint. White or lighter coloured paint could have gained a yellow tinge as a sign of water damage. You may also have noticed the walls or ceiling aren’t completely flat, they could bubble or bow out which is also another sign of water damage.

A lot of mould in the home has been grown from past water damage and if you there could be mould growth behind any painted areas in your home you will need to find out the source of the mould problem and have it remediated – not paint over it. If not attended to properly, mould can cause serious health problems for the inhabitants of your home.

What is mould remediation?

Mould remediation is when the source of the mould problem is identified and rectified. The mould is killed and removed.

So many hardware stores advertise “mould resistant paint” this does not mean you can buy this paint and paint over your mouldy areas. This is unfortunately something that confuses people who are unaware, they think this paint will kill mould and stop it from re-appearing. You must properly kill and remove mould before repainting. If the mould is not remediated properly, it will keep growing and will eventually break back through the paint surface. Plus if the source of the mould is not dealt with, it will only keep coming back.

If you do suspect that there is mould growth underneath the paint on your walls or ceilings, you should definitely look to book in a mould remediation specialist to start mould testing and inspection. The specialist mould technician will carry out an assessment of your home to determine the source of the mould and the extent of the mould damage as well as recommend any repairs that may need doing once the mould source has been dealt with. Mould can grow very fast in the right conditions – even under paint, even under “mould resistant paint”.

Mould spores spread easily and quickly. So while you think you could tackle the mould yourself, sometimes it is just best for the sake of your health and those you love to just hire a professional to come in and do the job right. Especially if there is a hidden source of mould deep within the walls which is most likely caused by water damage, a professional mould specialist will know exactly where to look and how to deal with it quickly and efficiently.

What if I’m renting a mouldy property?

If you are renting a property that you suspect has a mould problem and your landlord or property manager has taken the quick fix route and decided to paint over it rather than deal with it properly, you have every right to ask for professional mould remediation. Mould can affect the health of all inhabitants of the property and it is definitely in the best interest of the landlord and property manager to look after the health of their tenants. The legal ramifications down the track can become very costly should they choose to just cover up the problem.

So, should I just paint over mould?

No! Some think that mould remediation can be costly. But the longer you leave it, the most costly it can become. Not only in possible structural damage, but the damage to your health and that of your family.

Paint does not and will not kill mould plus the mould will come back anyway! Painting over it will not stop the source of the mould. Mould will continuously grow under the paint until it is killed, removed, and the source of the mould stopped. If you suspect mould, book in a professional mould inspection to ensure the mould is identified and the source of the water damage is discovered. Once you know the extent of the water damage or source of the mould you can commence remediation and repairs.

Give us a call at Mould Pro, our professional team is ready to assess your property today!

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