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Flood Restoration

Flood Restorations

When floods occur it can be devastating and traumatic, and it can take time to adjust and get things back on track. Residents of Queensland and Darwin, due to their tropical climates, deal with this regularly.

We’re experts in dealing with Flood Restoration following natural disasters:

  • If you do not dry out your flood affected property correctly and do not treat the surfaces with anti microbial products you WILL have mould return in the future. We have the anti-microbial products that will kill mould at the spore along with fans and dehumidifiers to completely dry areas before they are restored to ensure that mould and mildew does not become a problem in the future. We can treat your house and advise you on the best way to complete your restoration without having problems in the future.
  • Once the treatment has taken place and the interior is totally dry we can provide you with a certificate to say that we have removed and treated the area for mould and dried the place to below 16%. To do this we would send swab samples to our lab for testing and use moisture meters on walls , floors , timbers, etc. Many insurance companies require this certificate from builders that are doing the restoration but it should be done in any case.
  • A common practice in heavy effected flood or even “Natural Disaster” areas would be to remove all carpets and wall linings if required. Dry out all areas totally to ensure mould and mildew doesn’t become a problem in the future and then use anti microbial products to prevent and kill mould and mildew. Learn more about the Mould Removal process here.
  • As a standard for Mould Pro all of our contractors and employees are fully qualified and insured and work to strict OH&S standards.

We perform Flood Restoration Services in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Central Coast & Newcastle.

Call us on 1300-662-938 for 24/7 Emergency Flood Restoration Services

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