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How to Remove Graffiti from Your Walls

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How to Remove Graffiti from Your Walls

Graffiti may look appealing on the street, but on your house walls, it loses all claims to beauty. If you happen to find it on your walls, as is common in Australia, here are some simple DIY steps to take to clean it off.

The appropriate graffiti removal method to be used will depend on the type of surface material on which it’s painted. Different wall materials, i.e., aluminium, glass, wood, and vinyl, require different cleaning agents.

Here are simple steps to remove the graffiti from your wall.

1. Gather the Required Cleaning Materials

The first step to take during the graffiti removal process is to gather the cleaning materials; they include:

  1. Cleaning brush
  2. Water
  3. Hand cleaner
  4. Scrapers
  5. Plastic tarps
  6. Dry rag
  7. Small bucket
  8. Paint stripper
  9. Cleaning cloth, etc.

Before you start cleaning, wear protective clothing with rubber gloves and safety goggles to minimise contact with harmful chemicals and fumes. Also, open the windows to ventilate the work area if the wall is indoors.

2. Work from Top to Bottom

Use the cleaning brush to spread the paint stripper over the wall, start from the top and work downwards. Apply the paint stripper horizontally from corner to corner till it covers the entire wall.

After you’ve applied the paint stripper on the graffiti, wait for a couple of hours as instructed by the manufacturer. Then, scrub the stripper with a stiff brush, starting from the top again. The painted graffiti will come off in chunks and flakes from the wall.

Important Tip: Don’t focus your attention on the graffiti alone, as doing so may etch its outline onto the surface permanently. Wash the entire wall section to clean off the graffiti.

3. Use the Trial and Error Approach

Sometimes you have to experiment a little to get the best results. The least-invasive method should be tried out first to see if it would work or not. This may include using a simple high-pressure washer to remove wall graffiti. However, architectural, brickwork or carved masonry would be vulnerable to high pressures (above 500 PSI).

Moreover, concentrated jet-type spray can easily damage some surfaces. A wide-angle, fan-like nozzle is ideal in most cases.

Further, it’s wiser to use a combination of pressure washer and a useful solvent in some cases.

4. Wash the Wall and Reapply the Stripper

To remove clinging paint and stripper, wash the wall with cleaning cloth and warm water. You can then reapply another layer of stripper to remove stubborn paint. Rinse and repeat the procedure as outlined above to get rid of the graffiti from your wall completely.

5. Apply a Protective Paint Coat

After cleaning off the graffiti, apply a protective coat of paint. The coating will form a protective layer preventing additional graffiti or markings from sticking to the wall.

6. Repainting is Another Option

If the steps above don’t work, you can repaint the wall to hide the graffiti. To conceal the unwanted image, you would need multiple coats of paint.

Key Takeaway

Graffiti removal could be tiresome, and you might not have the time to invest in such a task. Hiring a graffiti removal specialist in Australia will not only save you the time and stress but also ensure that the job is well done. Our team of graffiti removal experts have the expertise and experience to get the job done flawlessly.

Check out our website to book an appointment with any of our representatives. If you have questions about graffiti removal, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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