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Mould Removal Sydney

Has your beautiful home in Central Coast fallen prey to weather adversities? Has the smell of dampness and mould formation caused problems or allergies to people at home?

Central Coast has some very humid months and above-average humidity throughout the year. These extreme humid conditions provide an ideal condition for mould to grow. You need a mould removal expert like Mould Pro to give you a mould free home in Central Coast.

It could be a possibility that you have accumulated water in your property and dampness that is beyond your control. During such incidences seeking professional help is your only resort. If you think your house has a mould manifestation or water issues, you should not delay in seeking treatment.

If left untreated for a long time, accumulated water can cause rust and decay of your building materials while mould growth can damage plaster, timber, clothing, and other household items. Additionally, mould can have long-standing health effects for people living close to mould. Flu-like symptoms of coughing, running nose, eye itching are very common due to moulds.

Also one must realize that mould and structural drying to remove excess moisture without appropriate knowledge and training can cause more harm than benefit and you need professional equipment and a team to handle the same. Protecting the health of your family and yours should be your top priority and you can leave the technicalities to us. We provide the best Structural Drying services on Central Coast.

The Process of Structural Drying:

  • Removal of excess water– by blowing pumps
  • Evaporation– whatever water is left on surfaces or carpets, is then evaporated by the use of high power fans.
  • Dehumidification– this process finally converts any traces of water into gas and gets rid of all water.
  • Temperature maintenance– one needs to keep the humidity in check to avoid moisture from the building.

Mould Removal Process

Our 5 step Mould Removal Process will have your beautiful home in Brisbane mould free in no time at all.

  • Inspection – A thorough inspection of the affected areas is necessary to determine the extent of the problem.
  • Correction – Identify the cause of the mould infestation to remedy it.
  • Removal – Our highly trained professionals will perform the necessary tasks to remove the mould.
  • Dry Out – To remove the moisture from the vicinity and prevent the mould from returning.
  • Prevention – Guide you through preventative steps to avoid mould from returning.

So call us today and give yourself a hassle free home with mould removal and structural drying in Central Coast for overall prevention and damage control.


Moulds have the potential to cause health problems. Moulds produce allergens, irritants, and in some cases toxic substances. Inhaling or touching mould/mould spores may cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. Allergic reactions to mould are common. They can be immediate or delayed. Moulds can also cause asthma attacks in people with asthma who are allergic to mould. In addition, mould exposure can irritate the eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs of both mould-allergic and non-allergic people. Symptoms other than the allergic and irritant types are not commonly reported as a result of inhaling mould.

You can do some of the following things to keep your moisture and humidity in check and prevent moulds from causing severe damage to your homes and other spaces.

  • When water leaks or spills occur indoors – ACT QUICKLY.
  • Keep the slopes away from the building foundation.
  • Keep indoor humidity in check.
  • If you see condensation or moisture collecting on windows, walls or pipes, take quick action to dry the wet surface and reduce the moisture/water source.
  • Run the bathroom fan or open the window when showering. Use exhaust fans or open windows whenever cooking, running the dishwasher or dishwashing, etc.
  • Increase ventilation or air movement by opening doors and/or windows, when practical.
  • Cover cold surfaces, such as cold water pipes, with insulation.

For best and the most effective mould damage and mould removal services in Sydney do get in touch with our team today.

How to Tell if Your Building Has Mould :

Moulds are found in many forms and usually, all of them have the potential to cause health damages and also physical damages to your buildings and spaces.

The sooner you can spot the signs of mould damage in your home, the better it is to get rid of it and ensure a healthy environment and protect your property from damages. The following signs can  tell you if there is a mould development happening in your home and whenever you see these signs, for mould removal in your Newcastle home, get in touch with us:

  • Musty Odour– One of the early signs of moulds is when your house starts smelling musty and damp. If such a smell persists, you can very well be assured that a mould development has started in your house and you need to take immediate action.
  • Allergies– Mostly mould developments cause allergic reactions like coughing, sneezing, running nose and itchy eyes. If you or someone in your home develops such symptoms, it could be possible that your house has mould.
  • Physical Visibility– A sure shot way to tell you to have mould is when you see it. The moulds can be in many colours, but some of the common types are black, green, purple, orange and white. Also, they can grow as clusters, threads or in irregular shapes also.

How can we help ?

At Mould Pro, we work alongside a team of experienced personnel who can help doing damage assessments and control mould damage in your homes and other spaces. Our expert team can give you the most effective solutions for mould removal in Newcastle.

  • Assessments: Our team determines the root of damage caused and plan effective remediation.
  • Containment: The area is contained to prevent further spread of mould. At times, you can be asked to vacate your space, especially when the mould growth is more and the damage is severe.
  • Removal: Our efficient team removes damaged materials with best in class technology and methods, ensuring a complete removal of the mould and giving you a fresh and clean house.

How to Prevent Mould in Your Building?

One sure-shot way of preventing mould is keeping the moisture levels in control. Water leakage, unattended spills, standing water and floods, all contribute to mould growth. Keep your humid levels below 60% and if you notice any damp walls, peeling paint or water stains, get in touch with us for a quick and effective solution at the earliest. For mould removal in Newcastle, we give you the best and most effective solutions.

Hire Our Qualified Professionals: Call 1300-662-938

  • Mould spores are toxic and can spread several health problems. If inhaled, this element can have long-term effects on your respiratory system in which causes throat irritation, will damage your lungs, and develop several nasal problems. Those people that contain existing medical conditions, including asthma and allergies, should particularly stay away from this thing.
  • When this stuff appeared, acting quickly and responsibly can make all the difference. If you notice this element in your property, it is important that you contact a professional cleaning company to erase this element. We need to know that mould can spread exceptionally fast on physical surfaces through the air. This element in the air is usually invisible and you will require professional equipment to identify them. As we are equipped with state of the art abilities, our technicians have access to advanced thermal imaging technology which can be used to detect both visible and invisible spores.
  • It is a fact that airborne particles are the most dangerous as they can quickly and easily float towards other rooms within your property. Our solutions provide fully-trained specialists who have years of experience in the field of this remediation. We invest in all industry-leading technologies to ensure that when we successfully eradicate all visible and invisible toxins, whilst avoiding cross-contamination. It is a fact that quality is at the heart of everything we do and always ensures to bring genuine results as customers demand to get. We never leave a site until verify that the job has been carried out to the best of our ability, and only once you’re completely satisfied.

How We Eliminate the Risk:

  • Our service starts after evaluating the overall structure of property affected by mould. The condition of an area will define how we clean and treat the affected areas, but the process will include the following steps. We need to know that speed is key in these cases and a team can be allocated to your site within hours, anywhere in Australia following the call. Our trained operatives will firstly ensure that they themselves are fully protected wearing the correct protective equipment.
  • As we are a licensed organization, we are trained to handle and dispose of hazardous waste and, perhaps most importantly, provide you with certification we have made the area safe. Our highly qualified professionals are experienced to make things beautifully established and come up to the customer’s expectations. They ensure expert mould removal in Melbourne and can dispense their best services to all types of properties.

We charge the Best Prices :

  • Among all the aspects that we face in our life, price is a prominent factor that is linked with every individual on this globe. This is the sole aspect that showcases the actual worth of commodities and services and let the people know that either they can afford to have or not. With the concern of mould removal, price counts the most and there must be the hiring of a professional service that ensures the best results in fair prices.
  • We as a marketing leading company ensure the best appearance of all kinds of properties at fair prices. Our services are incomparable and the price too and this is the reason that people always choose us in this region to solve their relevant matters. Our highly experienced professionals always come up with their best skills and return the genuine look and feel of the environment.

Hire Us :

Mould is a serious problem that must not be neglected when appears. When any kind of property is affected by this disease, then a rapid response must be implemented to get rid of this in time. We want a mould free Australia and when it appears in any home or a building, you must approach us through this number 1300-662-938 or send us an email at sales@mouldpro.com.au to have the best experience you need.

Spotted that first sign of mould on your walls, or has that smell of dampness started to bother you? Don’t ignore it. These small clues may be referring to bigger mould damage in your house. Take professional help from Mould Pro today!

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