Why trust MouldPro for Mould Removal from your Sydney home or office? %%sep%% | %%sep%%
Why trust MouldPro for Mould Removal from your Sydney home or office?
Why trust MouldPro for Mould Removal from your Sydney home or office?

Why trust MouldPro for Mould Removal from your Sydney home or office?

MouldPro with experience in the industry for more than 30 years is the most professional hassle-free mould removal service that reinstates your home or office back to normal in no time and expeditiously. Our Mould Removal process involves inspection, correction, removal, dry out and prevention to ensure your home is safe and mould free completely.
We believe removing mould from home or office is risky on your own and treating and removing can be a formidable task. MouldPro professional Using cutting-edge industrial hygiene to control mould damage and structural drying for affected areas within minimal time, we ensure complete mould removal in the most effective manner.
MouldPro Mould Removal Service is a safe mould removal process that includes a thorough inspection of your property, moisture and humidity readings, and professional mould removal completed by expert technicians using cutting edge equipment.

• Inspection of Mould in your Home or Office
One of our Mould Accredited Technicians will attend your property to conduct a visual inspection to determine the extent of the mould contamination. The mould growth occurs if there have been plumbing leaks or water ingress issues and there is a suspicion that elevated mould may exist in the air, subfloor, ceiling or behind walls. We will then commence the assessment by moisture testing, humidity testing, and thermal imaging of the surfaces to determine any underlying moisture issues that can’t be seen with a naked eye. Once we have identified that damage and cause, we will provide a detailed report and scope of works with recommendations to remediate the property and keep the mould from reproducing.
• Correction of Mould Growth on Contaminated area
As part of our service, we will advise you of the steps that are important to stop any further moisture or water ingress as this is very important to stop any source of moisture to stop mould growth. The mould growth occurs if there have been plumbing leaks or water ingress issues and there is a suspicion that elevated mould may exist in the air, subfloor, ceiling or behind walls. Each customer will need a specific course of action for mould removal based on their situation, so the specifics of each job will be arranged once the initial inspection is complete.

• Mould Remediation and Mould Removal Process
The remediation process starts with setting up negative air machines or air scrubbers to collect all airborne contaminants to provide a safer environment for our technicians to remediate your home. Secondly, any water or mould damaged porous or semi-porous materials will be removed and disposed of such as plasterboard or fibro wall or ceiling sheeting, carpet and underlay, smooth edge, laminate flooring, etc. The third stage is to HEPA vacuum all affected surfaces to remove all surface spores to prevent any further airborne contamination. The fourth stage is to treat all affected surfaces by applying an anti-microbial solution to the surface and damp-wipe with a microfiber cloth or mop. This process will ensure that all surface mould contamination has not only been killed but more importantly removed. The fifth and final stage is called fogging. This is a micro-mist treatment that kills all airborne contaminants and surface contaminants that we can’t get to or see with a naked eye. This procedure is only effective provided air scrubbers are used during the process to suck up all spores as we are killing them because there is no point fogging only to kill the spores and leave them on the floor or contents. After all, dead spores still release mycotoxins the same as live mould spores. The key to Mould Removal is just that, REMOVAL. Not Killing.
• Dry Out Moisture from the Premises
If moisture is evident, it must be dried out. We have air movers (blowers) and dehumidifiers which we will bring to the site to dry out the building to ensure that your building structure is dry. Otherwise, the mould will continue to grow. You mustn’t try and dry out the infected areas before the mould being removed as you may help spread mould spores further.
• Prevention from Mould Permanently
Now it is time to make sure that our mould removal is permanent. This can only be achieved if the original root cause has been rectified. We will advise you on what needs to be done to achieve this. The most common preventative maintenance requirements are Subfloor ventilation, rising damp treatment, drainage improvements, landscaping improvements, the introduction of dehumidifiers, repair of guttering and downpipes, improving overall ventilation and airflow, cutting back of trees, and bathroom ventilation just to name a few.
The Greater Sydney region comprises of 36 local government area that includes Sydney, Richmond, Katoomba, Camden and the central coast. Summer in Sydney is generally warm and humid. Being close to sea, sea breezes raise the temperature even more thus causing a perfect condition for mould growth in moist areas like kitchen, utility, laundry room, Sub Floors, Ceiling anywhere moisture content is high. MouldPro provides effective and quality mould removal service for the complete Greater Sydney region.
Sydney In late spring and summer gets north-westerly winds from the Outback, which are dry and hot, making the temperatures soar above 38 °C with the relative humidity when locals either spend a lot of time indoors with the cooling system on or choose to enjoy the weather outdoors when it permits. This is a time when windows and doors are kept closed, creating a build-up of moisture or condensation. Without adequate airflow and ventilation, some rooms in your Sydney home or offices can create ideal conditions for mould. Our mould inspection process includes generating an image-based report tailored to your property requirement and treatment of mould.
We offer a range of mould removal services in Sydney to ensure your home or property, or commercial office is safe and mould free, our services also includes air-conditioning cleaning, structural drying and dehumidification services.

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